Founder Equity Solution - FES

Why use FES?

Some founders we talked to were sure that the fair way to divide equity is to divide it equally among all founders. We talked them out of it. Because here's the catch.

Multiple research and reports have shown that equal splitting can lead to such unpleasant things as:

  • lower pre-money company valuation
  • less stable startup performance

Why is that so? Well, founders who avoid tough equity negotiations and quickly jump to equal splitting may fail to understand strengths of their founding team members and their expected contributions to the project.

Equal splitting may also be a sign for investors that the founding team lacks entrepreneurial negotiation skills

That's why we created FES to help founders avoid common pitfalls associated with equal division of equity.

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Discover the science behind FES

We'd love to say that dividing equity among founders is as easy as dividing an apple - but it's not!

FES algorithm is based on a decade of research by Harvard professor Noam Wasserman who identified criteria which give equity advantage to certain founders.

FES is a self-learning system. We constantly update relative weights given to different criteria based on statistical data provided to us by our users.

We understand that equity negotiations are not easy at all. That's why we created FES tool to help founders understand what each of them brings to the table, get a recommendation on equity division and use it as a starting point for meaningful and trusting negotiations. It's easy to use and free!

Our recommendations get more and more precise and statistically grounded every time a new team uses FES.

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Founder Equity Solution - FES