1. How many startups each of the founders has founded before?
2. What was the biggest achievement of each of the founder with their prior startups?
3. Who of the first-time founders had an experience of working in a startup environment before?
4. Who of the founders has ever participated in an accelerator program?
5. Who came up with the original idea for this startup?
6. What is the position of each of the founders with the startup?
7. If the founder works full-time on the project, what he/she had to give up for this?
8. Who of the founders works part-time, but will join full-time once your startup gets funding?
9. Who of the founders reaches out and pitches the investors?
10. Who of the founders is a subject-matter expert (had an experience of working in the same industry/ field as the current startup)?
11. Calculate all monetary contributions each of the founders has made to the startup (use the same currency for all founders) ?
12. For each of the founders, give an estimation of how much they should be paid per hour of work for the startup (use the same currency for all founders)
13. Calculate the number of hours each of the founders spent working on this project (e.g. average number of hours worked per week x number of weeks worked)

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