Our story

It all began with a friend of ours. Clever and energetic, she has always been an entrepreneurial role model for us. She came up with that great idea and found a technical co-founder. Without much thinking they split 50% / 50% and set to work.

Problems began soon, when it became clear that it was her idea, her passion and her connections in the industry that were moving the things forward. Sometimes not so fast as initially expected. Her co-founder started losing commitment and interest in the project. He quickly left in several months taking 50% of equity with him. Too bad for our friend, their contract didn’t have mechanisms for adjusting equity division if a founder leaves. At that point the only thing she could do was to continue working hard on her project, with 50% of equity and an absentee owner…

It all ended well with our friend and her startup, now a large and prosperous company. But when she looks back at those early months in the life of her company she regrets that too much time and energy was wasted in mutual accusations and tough negotiations which wouldn’t have happened if she gave a bit more thought to equity split.

Listening to her story, we realized that we want to help founders avoid common traps associated with equity issues and enable them to make equity decisions in a fair way taking into account contributions and commitment of each co-founder. That’s why we created FES – Founder Equity Solution model.

We are currently in formation stage and seeking investors, partners, business advisors and collaborators! Get in touch to join hands!

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